Naomi’s ‘Dance All Night’ Music Video Has Arrived And It Is What We Expected

Over the last two episodes of E!’s Total Divas, we’ve learned that Naomi is perhaps the most ambitious of all of the WWE’s Divas, if not the entire roster of Superstars. Last week, she decided that it’s time for her to end AJ Lee’s reign as the Divas Champion, and I’m really excited to see how that plays out, since we have absolutely no clue at all what happens next. But two weeks ago, Naomi also introduced us to the idea that she, like her Funkadactyl partner Cameron, wants to be a pop music star as well. Talk about a full sequined plate!

In that episode, we took a look at Naomi’s preparation and performance in filming a music video for her dance song, “Dance All Night.” Yesterday, the WWE released the finished product, and look – I’ve expressed my appreciation for Naomi throughout the first two seasons of Total Divas, but holy oh my hell on Earth, you guys. I’ll go ahead and let you watch to see for yourselves.

As fascinating as I find Patrice Wilson’s music videos (in the worst way possible, of course), at least he’s putting an effort into making us want to watch them to see how bad they are. This video looks like something that a 50-something Scottsdale divorcee had semi-professionally done so she could share with her mimosa club before discussing this year’s “Second Time Around” singles cruise plans. And the lyrics, hoo boy the lyrics. You can’t rhyme “night” with “tonight,” Naomi. I don’t care how adorable you and Jimmy Uso are as a couple.

We expect better from you. This is Eva Marie level at best.