Nate Diaz Thinks He Beat Conor McGregor But ‘They Can’t Have A Motherf**ker Like Me Winning’

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Nate Diaz is not happy about losing his rematch to Conor McGregor via majority decision at UFC 202. Minutes after the scorecards were read, a disappointed Diaz railed against the judging to Joe Rogan.

“I thought I won that fight,” he said angrily. “They can’t have a motherf**ker like me winning, I’m too real for this sport. They gotta get me out while they can. But it’s all good, though. I came into this fight worse off than last time, I couldn’t train, I had injuries. F**k that. I didn’t make any excuses, but he shoulda finished me off.”

Diaz lost the first, second, and fourth rounds to McGregor according to all three judges’ scorecards. He had his best round in the third, where one judge actually scored it a 10-8 round for the younger Diaz brother. With Diaz having a decent edge on number of strikes over the entire fight, there’s going to be a lot of debate through the sporting world as to whether Diaz did get screwed on this fight.

“I want number three,” Nate finished. “I gave him number two the second day so I’m ready to go again, f**k that. … Good job today, Conor. But we’re going for three, for real. Until then, I ain’t coming back.”

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