NBA Round-Up: Kevin Durant Is Decent

04.21.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Last night’s NBA Playoffs action was pretty much business as usual, so I’ll be light on controversy and superstar accusations today. I’ll have more tomorrow, of course, but right now we’re in the clear.

Oklahoma City Thunder 106, Denver Nuggets 89 (Series: OKC 2-0)

League officials admitted that referees should have called interference on Kendrick Perkins late in Game 1 between the Thunder and the Nuggets, on a tip-in that gave the Thunder the lead. While you could argue that the Nuggets lost Game 1 on their own, though, there is absolutely no arguing about Game 2. OKC just absolutelty pwned the Nuggets 4 realz LOL.

Kevin Durant led the way with 23 points as one of five Thunder players in double scoring. Goat of the game goes to Wilson Chandler, who countered Ty Lawson’s 20-point performance for Denver with just 4 points on 4 free throws. Somewhere Carmelo Anthony just smiled… and allowed six baskets.

Los Angeles Lakers 87, New Orleans Hornets 78 (Series: 1-1)

What a snore fest. Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza combined for 42 points for the Hornets while the rest of their team must have purchased new cellular plans, because they were phoning it in. *bowtie spins*

Even worse, Kobe Bryant was 3-for-10 with just 11 points and Pau Gasol chipped in just 8. The Lakers’ big sparks were provided by Andrew Bynum’s 90-year old knees and Lamar Odom, who is fresh off of winning the NBA’s Sixth Man Award, which we’ll hear plenty about on his new show Khloe & Lamar, currently airing in the ninth level of Hell.

San Antonio Spurs 93, Memphis Grizzlies 87 (Series: 1-1)

Each of Memphis’ starters scored in double figures last night, but the return of Manu Ginobli was enough to get the Spurs back to even in this series. Why was Ginboli out? I assume it was some sort of flopping injury but I’m too lazy to look. His 17 points led the Spurs, though, so he gets a cookie for that.

Zach Randolph finished with just 11 points on 5-14 shooting, while OJ Mayo and Shane Battier combined for just 8 points off the bench. Said Mayo, “Come on, have you watched me play this season?”

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