New Orleans Saints Under Investigation For Doing Fatalities To Brett Favre

03.07.12 6 years ago

For once, a YouTube comment cuts to the heart of a story.

Next Media Animation makes a good point here — that the NFL glosses over their scandals by depicting them as isolated incidents, and is basically a violence glorification machine — but the way they make it is classic Taiwanese batsh*t insanity, beginning with a “high horse” in the ESPN studios literally zero seconds in and culminating in the nearly-nude gladiator Saints murdering the New York Giants with swords.

The video’s highlight (besides the eerily accurate animated version of Gregg Williams) has to be the Dewey Cox-style splitting of Brett Favre in twain. If you’ve ever wanted to see a player celebrate over the lifeless corpse of Favre, this is your chance. This is also your chance if you’ve wanted to see someone clean up Favre’s body parts with a rag on a stick and a wheelbarrow. Wait, what the f**k is happening?

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