New York Giants Star Jerry Linn Is About To Get Some Top Shelf YouTube Tail

Okay, so your first instinct here is to go “OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS STUPID HOT GIRL LET ME TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ON THE INTERNET ABOUT HER SO WE CAN SHARE A FELLOWSHIP-LOL” and crosspost it on Facebook and Twitter (and your semi-reputable sports blog). It’s a Florida State Kappa Delta sorority girl asking Jeremy Lin to be her date, but she doesn’t know his first name, doesn’t know what sport he plays, doesn’t know what team he plays for and assumes he’s a black guy.

And yeah, in a perfect world this is one of those “Gimme a thumbs up ‘er somethin’ Hot Rod Lincoln!”-esque stories where we’re privy to impossible human innocence and the fairy tale ends with Lin showing up and taking her to her thing and a few Good Morning America appearances where she covers her mouth and can’t believe how dumb/lucky she is. By proxy, her boobs are enjoyed by all.

There are, unfortunately, a few problems.

Firstly, she’s just a little too wrong about things. Assuming Lin is a Giants player named Jerry because she heard about him from a friend and just associates the most recent popular sports team with “New York” is reasonable. It’s also reasonable that she’d trying to go online and ask him for a date because that’s the cool thing to do, but the “I really like black guys” bit takes it over the edge.

Secondly, the Twitter account she asks Jerry to “hit [her] back” on has no tweets and only a handful of followers. Show me another girl with breasts like that on Twitter who hasn’t posted and doesn’t have 20,000 followers and I’ll call this legit.

So, shenanigans. Or she’s a huge fan of the original ECW. Either or.

[h/t to Jockular]