The NFL Might Make Pass Interference Reviewable After Missing The Call In Saints-Rams

01.21.19 4 months ago 10 Comments

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Should pass interference be a reviewable call? That’s how many fans feel after the Rams got away with a blatant version of it in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis had gotten open on the sideline with a pass coming to him from Brees. Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman came in and, without even playing the ball, lit up Leelewis.

Not every interference play is quite so obvious, but this one was easy to see at full speed and even more obvious in replay. Had officials been allowed to review the call, or even have it challenged by the Saints, then the pass interference could have been called retroactively and given to the Saints. That isn’t allowed by the current rules, though, and the Saints went on to lose in overtime.

The no-call has become a major talking point in the aftermath of championship weekend. And it’s sparked a loud call for change in how the NFL handles officiating rules. Could spot fouls like this be reviewable in the future? According to the Washington Post, it’s at least a possibility being discussed!

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