One Writer’s Quest To Win A Super Bowl With The Buffalo Bills On ‘NFL Quarterback Club 96’

02.03.19 5 months ago

NFL Quarterback Club 96


The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl. If you’re a football fan, you almost certainly know this. You also probably know that they’re the only team in NFL history to make four straight Super Bowls. That they couldn’t manage a single victory in that stretch is improbable and, for the western region of New York State, extremely painful.

The closest the Bills got was Super Bowl XXV against the New York Giants, their first appearance in 1991. Down 20-19 late in the fourth quarter, the Bills and quarterback Jim Kelly get the ball with 2:16 to play with the ball at their own 10. The Bills drove down the field and got in position for the game-winning field goal. With seconds left, Scott Norwood lines up to attempt a 47-yard kick to win.

If you’re a Bills fan, do not watch the video that follows.

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