We Predicted The NFL’s Top-100 Players For 2019

06.29.18 8 months ago 2 Comments


The NFL wrapped up its annual list of the top-100 players on Monday by revealing the order of the top-10. It also revealed, like it does every year, that lists like these are flawed, biased, and a victim of popularity influence over talent. That being said, one cannot really measure talent or make an impenetrable argument that one player is better than another closely-related player … except that I can, and I did, and I am now revealing who the top-100 players of 2019 will be.

For the purposes of their list, players vote on who their most talented colleagues are and the results are … well, they are certainly results. Like did you know that Carlos Hyde was better than Dion Lewis, Marshawn Lynch, and Jordan Howard? Even though the 49ers chose to replace him with Jerick McKinnon, he actually is. Read the list. It’s undeniable now. Derek Carr is better than Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, and Dak Prescott. So is Case Keenum. Don’t believe me? Then I guess you better check the list again.

Lists are perfect and this is one of them. Many players are not on it, and that’s because they won’t be in the top-100 most-talented players next season. Instead, the following 100 will be and exactly in this order, for the reasons listed below. Have a disagreement? Take it up with the list.

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