Nick Collison And Steve Adams May Have Created The Most Intense Sports Handshake Of All Time

The practitioners of the skin slap take their craft very seriously. It takes immense chemistry and intricate planning to come up with an amazing handshake or high-five and those who don’t put in the time are bound to face rejection and embarrassment:

When the motives are true and the talent and commitment are real, though, magic can happen. Be it a trendy and well choreographed expression of joy and solidarity:

Or a good old fashioned rock-out:

What we rarely see, however, is the intensity of these warriors. Thanks to Oklahoma City Thunder big men Nick Collison and Steven Adams, we finally get the chance to feast our eyes as the two stand emotionless as they communicate a message of support to each other like two kilted Scotsmen preparing to make a green field red with the blood of their rivals.

[protected-iframe id=”804efbfff97abb84f60d017c01b6dac1-60970621-38585300″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”650″ frameborder=”0″]

It’s an exceptionally intense moment and one that Kevin Durant is clearly jealous of as we see him sidle into the frame, waiting for a stone handshake that never comes. Sorry KD, clearly this is something that Collison (4.1 PPG) and Adams (8.0 PPG) worked out in practice while you were working on your jump shot. Or it’s something that just happened spontaneously, which would be more impressive.

(Source: SB Nation)