Nick Saban Had A Very Nick Saban Response For Pat White’s Accusations

Earlier this week, former Miami Dolphins wasted second round draft pick and West Virginia Mountaineers star Pat White responded to Alabama Crimson Tide running back Derrick Henry’s Instagram photo of his new car with an incredibly bold claim. White, who may or may not have even been recruited by Alabama way back when, claimed in a Facebook post that the Tide offered him a Corvette to play for them. “Stop pretending like you didn’t know the crimson tide has been doing this for years” he wrote before claiming that he’s still glad he turned down that imaginary ‘vette to become a Mountaineer, eliciting cyber cheers from all of his fans.

If I sound a little skeptical, it’s because I am very skeptical, not just because I drank the Jeff Ireland Kool-Aid when White was drafted to be a Dolphins super-weapon years ago, but also because there’s nothing to this stupid claim at all. Sure, if White posted a picture of the lease paperwork being handed to him by a ‘Bama recruiter from Mike Shula’s tenure, while he dangled the keys from his index finger like a car insurance commercial villain, I’d be a little more willing to believe him. But he doesn’t have anything but a claim. Again, as others have pointed out, there’s conflicting evidence that White was ever even offered a scholarship by Alabama, and even if he was, that was way before Nick Saban would arrive to save the sinking ship.

That’s why Saban was ready to Roll Tide Roll this nonsense right out the front door and into the gutter, where his daughter would presumably pull its hair and smash its face. You know, figuratively.