Nick Saban Apparently Loves Deez Nuts Jokes After Marlon Humphrey Introduced Him Years Ago

Jordan Battle, a safety for the Alabama Crimson Tide, said something eyebrow-raising earlier this week: Nick Saban loves deez nuts jokes. Battle was asked during a press conference whether he has a favorite saying from Saban, which led to a truly delightful answer that appeared to get someone in the room to yelp.

“He’s always talkin’ about, ‘touch deez,’ or, you know, ‘suck on deez,'” Battle claims Saban loves to say.

This surprised plenty of folks, because Saban does not exactly seem like the kind of guy who laughs at much of anything, let alone jokes that formed in the darkest depths of Twitter. Saban has in the past been asked about his love of this specific joke, but there is still a pretty major question that exists: Why, exactly, is this a go-to for Nick Saban?

Source of all important college football information Lane Kiffin has the answer. Kiffin was Saban’s offensive coordinator for several years, and he has the backstory as to how he became aware of this joke format.

Humphrey addressed this but decided to sidestep Kiffin’s claim.

I would still like to know exactly what joke hooked Saban here, but Marlon Humphrey, thank you for your role in teaching Saban about deez nuts jokes.