Nickelodeon’s Bears-Saints Broadcast Had Pixelated Halftime Highlights Inspired By ‘Minecraft’

If you didn’t catch Sunday’s matchup between the Bears and Saints on Nickelodeon then you missed out on one of the most fun broadcasts of the year. Nickelodeon pulled out everything to make the entire broadcast feel like something that both kids and adults can enjoy. There wasn’t a single aspect of the entire game they didn’t think about and that includes the halftime show.

Your usual halftime show includes highlights and some analysis from a few experts that used to play football. The Nickelodeon halftime show did feature highlights, but not the kind you’re used to. These highlights were all block graphic style and something that felt very similar to the video game that has taken over the world, Minecraft.

Adorable. Cute. Inspired. These are a few of the words that come to mind when you watch block figure Michael Thomas breaking through the endzone for a touchdown or Javon Wims drop a touchdown pass. Of course, it would have been one thing if they had just shown some highlights as block figures and called it there, but they went the extra mile and added some much needed personality. Michael Thomas tap dancing in the endzone and dust appearing behind Wims as he sprints behind the defense were both nice details that made this feel special.

Minecraft first released all the way back in 2009 and what it has become is a media phenomenon that can only be matched by something like Fortnite. Back when it first came out it got compared a lot to Legos for its world being something that you could build or destroy completely at your own leisure. Now, whenever you see this kind of art style, you immediately think of Minecraft instead. It’s crazy to think that such a small game turned into something Nickelodeon is using for inspiration in their unique Bears-Saints broadcast.