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12.21.11 13 Comments

The New York Jets are currently clinging to the No. 6 seed in the AFC playoff hunt, and as much as it pains most people to admit – *points to self* – quarterback Mark Sanchez has been pretty good. And he needs to be playing well since both he and his coach, Rex Ryan, claimed that the Jets would win the Super Bowl this season.

But screw the stupid Super Bowl and cancel Christmas, because Sanchez just ruined everyone’s life.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may be limbering up for his big game on Christmas Eve against the Giants, but he’s also been keeping time with curvaceous beauty Kate Upton.

Sanchez has been paying frequent late-night visits to the Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s Flatiron apartment, we’re told. He’s been spotted several times at the voluptuous blonde’s pad since November, usually after games or before practices — sometimes as late as midnight — rolling up in his black chauffeur-driven Navigator.

(Via the New York Post)

A source tells the NY Post that Sanchez and Upton are denying that anything is going on between them – “They’re just friends.” Normally that’s a big bunch of BS that translates to “We’re actually doing it.” You know what, though? I might actually believe it. Because if I were making late night visits to Kate Upton’s flat, I’m pretty sure there’s not a skyline on this planet that wouldn’t be blocked by a billboard announcing that I was snogging Kate-freaking-Upton with a picture of the planet’s biggest sh*t-eating grin.

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