Not So Fast, Meme Hunters: We’ve Already Seen Bradying Before

02.08.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

"Get up, son. You're making a meme outta yourself."

Another day, another sports meme. After Tim Tebow’s practice of praying on the field developed into the act of “Tebowing”, not a single popular athlete is safe from having one simple moment turned into a ridiculous fad. Yesterday, two days removed from the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Tom Brady learned that lesson all too well, as he became the inspiration for “Bradying”.

After his Patriots failed to pull off a last second miracle, it took Brady a few moments to collect himself, and he ended up looking like a miserable “Peanuts” character as he sulked on the ground. That brief moment was a blessing to the legions of NFL fans who loathe the Pats for being good at what their team isn’t – winning. And everyone with a camera and an ability to sit helped usher in this new meme era… sort of.

With a Facebook page already in full swing for people to upload their Bradying images, I felt that someone needed to point out two quick things about this new fad. For starters, it’s not new, and the term Bradying was already in use after this image was posted by Niners Nation back in December:

But even before Brady pouted in shame this past Sunday, and long before he made a stupid face in practice, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was the original inventor of Bradying…

I know this won’t stop people from carrying through with a fad, and I’m one of the last people who will stop others from making fun of Brady, but people have been ridiculously over-the-top about Brady this week, from that absurd column about blaming Brady to all of the people calling Gisele Bundchen “Yoko”, so I just wanted to challenge people to submit photos of themselves in a different act of Bradying.

So please, upload photos of you being consoled by and making out with billionaire super models here.

(Banner and Gisele images via AP.)

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