Now This Is How You Honor A True Champion

Yesterday morning, the town of Washington, Virginia (Pop. A few hundo) showed its pride and admiration for its most famous citizen – Grand Champion Foxcliffe Hickory Wind. Affectionately known as Hickory to her family and friends, the 5-year old Scottish Deerhound was declared the Honorary Grand Marshall of the town’s Christmas parade. Note to anyone organizing a Christmas parade: ALWAYS MAKE A DOG YOUR GRAND MARSHALL. Also, put a funny hat on it.
Hickory’s claim to fame, of course, was becoming the first of her breed to win the “Best in Show” distinction at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. And to make her year even more amazing and adorable, Hickory gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies last month, two of which joined her for yesterday’s parade festivities. I assume the other 7 have been sold. God, I hope they weren’t eaten.
So in case you’re keeping score, this is about a world champion dog and puppies, which are two of my 5 prerequisites for making this an awesome post. The other three are all breasts.

(Images via Reuters)