Ohio State’s Noah Brown Caught One Of The Most Insane Touchdowns You’ll Ever See

Ohio State sent a message to the college football world during the first half of its game against Oklahoma on Saturday. The Buckeyes took a 35-17 lead into halftime, with their final score of the half coming on this unbelievable touchdown grab by Noah Brown. Despite being draped by a Sooners defensive back, Brown went up and caught the ball while getting both feet down.

Oh, and he did this while the defender was between himself and the ball the entire time. The only way Brown could do this would be to catch it while essentially hugging the defender, so he did that. And to make the entire thing a little more difficult, he only used one hand. Brown used his right hand to pin the ball up against the defender’s back, then brought his left hand around to make sure everything was secure.

Here it is from another angle:

Ohio State came into this season with a number of questions, basically all of them stemmed from the fact that it had to replace a ton of dudes who left for the NFL and all of those replacements were younger players. Of course, all of those concerns go out the window if the Buckeyes’ talented younger dudes like Brown (who is a redshirt sophomore and missed all of last year with a leg injury) can keep doing insane stuff like this.