Bob Stoops And The Oklahoma Football Team React To That Racist Frat Video

On Sunday evening, video emerged of Oklahoma’s SAE fraternity chanting the N-word (among other racial slurs) at a social function. Hours later, the national headquarters of SAE disbanded the chapter, and the University of Oklahoma severed ties with the fraternity.

On Monday morning, members of the Oklahoma football team, along with head coach Bob Stoops, joined protesters at a campus rally.

Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker was the most outspoken of the group, delivering this NSFW snapchat Sunday night.

But there’s a larger issue according to Striker. He alludes to some of them here saying there’s been “institutional breakdown” with regard to minority relations, especially with athletes.

It’s a vague accusation from Striker, and it may point to an overall race issue at the university. The administration for their part was quick to respond, and President David Boren issued this statement:

Some of are calling for the student’s expulsion from Oklahoma. We’ll wait and see if that’s a direction the school chooses to go in.

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