This 89-Year-Old Kicking Butt In Hockey Will Give You Hope For The Future

You know that intramural sports league you sign up for, only to show up twice before blowing it off because you need to finish that binge-watch you were putting off (or because you’re hungover — literally any excuse is good enough)? Well, get ready to feel even worse about yourself than you do when the one friend you have on the team texts “You coming?” 15 minutes after the game was scheduled to start. Because Mike Campbell, at 89, still plays hockey with his rec league three times a week.

That’s right, a damn-near nonagenarian is out here playing hockey, what with its hard ice and checking (although I can’t imagine who’d check good old Mike), and loving every minute of it, as this lovely human-interest piece from CTV News has brought to our attention. Asked how he stays so young, Campbell credited his non-drinking, non-smoking ways, and the fact that he still shovels his own driveway (remember, he’s Canadian, so that’s probably more demanding than the hockey). Mike’s an inspiration, but it’s not all sunshine and roses — one of his hockey league friends calls him “the dirtiest player on the ice.” So he’s the Kevin Garnett of old hockey players, essentially.

(Via CTV News)

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