This French Race Walker Appeared To Poop Himself Before Collapsing On The Course

Yohann Diniz is a world record holder in race walking, and he was leading the men’s 50k race in Rio on Friday until things started to go terribly wrong for him.

There’s no real way to sugarcoat this: it certainly looks like the man pooped himself in the middle of the rice on live television, and an NBC camera made sure to catch all of the glory spilling down Diniz’s leg with the disgusting close-up you can see above.

Things only got worse from there for the Frenchman, as soon after the, um, accident, he collapsed on the course due to exhaustion.

Never let anyone tell you race walking is not a real Olympic sport.

Diniz was actually leading the race by 1:28 when he went down and looked to be on his way to a medal before his body decided otherwise. But he got back up, dumped some water on his head, and ended up finishing the race in 3:46:27, which was good enough for seventh place, six minutes behind gold medal winner Matej Tóth of Slovakia.

(Via Deadspin)