On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Excited Are You That Video Game Tebow Can Tebow

05.23.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

There isn’t much to do when you’re the creative director of a Madden game (“okay, this year I think we’re gonna make it look like football”), so EA Sports’ Mike Young has spent the last few weeks tweeting about the amazing new features set to debut in Madden NFL 13, such as Tim Tebow being able to Tebow.

Still no word on whether or not planking and Batmanning will make the cut, but earlier today @EAMaddenNFL dropped the first official image of Tim Tebow Tebowing in a New York Jets uniform in the end zone at MetLife. If you were gonna get excited about this at some point, now’s your chance.

As Weed over at Sportress notes, being able to Tebow won’t matter if you can’t assign the pose to whichever linebacker murders him. Or the ability to Tebow via Kinect. Maybe the Wii version will have a mini-game where you run to the 50 yard line and do it, who knows.

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