Pat Sajak Made A Very Suggestive Remark To A Contestant On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Pat Sajak is certainly known for his quick wit on Wheel of Fortune, even if some fans think he can occasionally cross the line. A recent instance where he appeared to make fun of a contestant’s speech impediment, for example, drew outrage from viewers and even sparked a petition for his removal from the show.

Other times, though, fans have appreciated Sajak’s quick thinking and banter with contestants. And that’s mostly been the response from fans after Friday night’s episode, when the longtime host made what some thought was a reference to a very suggestive euphemism.

Contestant Heather was working on a puzzle on Friday night when she asked for the letter D. It’s a common occasion on the show, as D is one of the more common letters in the English alphabet. But viewers, including noted video capturer CJ Fogler, certainly took notice of Sajak’s response when Heather asked for the letter.

“She wants a D, and she’s going to get one,” Sajak said after a brief pause. It was a quick reply, and one that wasn’t explicitly, well, explicit. But most people seemed to be picking up what they appeared to think Sajak was putting down here.

At least he didn’t open the prize envelope early this time, I guess.