Here’s What We Know Right Now About The Rape Investigation Surrounding Patrick Kane

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Given the twists and turns in the sexual-assault investigation involving Patrick Kane, it would be understandable for those attempting to follow to have some trouble keeping up with all the bizarre developments.

Here is what we know so far:

Back in early August, the Chicago Blackhawks star was accused of rape by a 21-year-old woman from Kane’s hometown of Buffalo. According to the woman, she accompanied a friend to Kane’s house after meeting him at a bar that night. At his house, the woman claims Kane forced himself upon her.



The accuser reportedly had bite marks and a scratch after the encounter, but no DNA was found from the waist down. She did allegedly have Kane’s DNA underneath her fingernails and on her shoulder.

On the night of the alleged incident, Kane enlisted an off-duty police officer to be his driver. The police officer, who reportedly has a longstanding relationship with the hockey player, drove Kane and companions back to his home from the bar.

This week, the attorney for Kane’s accuser,Tom Eoannou, held a press conference to reveal that an evidence bag from the accuser’s submitted rape kit was found on the doorstep of her parents’ house. The bag, which contained another brown paper bag within it, was reportedly ripped and seemingly tampered with before it was delivered by an anonymous source.

Just one day later, Eoannou held another press conference to announce that he was dropping his client (the accuser) over doubts surrounding the evidence bag and how it was acquired by her mother. Eoannou said he felt there were misrepresentations made to him by the mother and he had an ethical obligation to report his lack of confidence in the way the bag was found.


One day after Eoannou’s withdrawal, Frank Sedita, the district attorney overseeing the investigation, held a press conference to address the bag that was found. Sedita claimed that the rape kit submitted by the accuser was never contained in a bag. Instead, Sedita said the kit was held within a box that is, and has been, in custody of the Buffalo police.

Sedita believes the bag was part of an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the victim’s mother, who he says is not currently facing any criminal charges. The DA believes that the accuser did not have a role in the alleged hoax.


As for the brown paper bag, Sedita says that bag contained an item of clothing and was given to the accuser’s mother by a nurse following the rape-kit submission.


The mother was questioned about the discovery (though not under oath) and she denied being given the brown paper bag by a nurse. She reportedly offered to take a polygraph test, but Sedita declined.

The investigation is ongoing but, as of this moment, Sedita appears to have doubts about whether the case will ever see a grand jury.


Despite the case still being active, Kane is currently participating in the Blackhawks’ preseason training camp. He gave a short statement about the allegations and answered questions (kind of) shortly after arriving to camp but has since remained quiet.