Peter Laviolette Punches Own Player In Head, Not A Big Deal

With his Philadelphia Flyers down 2-0 very early in the game against the Carolina Hurricanes, coach Peter Laviolette needed a way to motivate his team and get them to score goals. After bringing them to the bench during a timeout, did he have any kind of new strategy for them to try? No. I guess that means Laviolette needed to fall back to plan B: yell a lot, get really angry and punch one of your players in the head. I honestly don’t see how that wouldn’t work.

Video after the jump.

I love how unfazed Ville Leino, the unfortunate punch-receiver, is during the whole ordeal. I wish we could zoom in so that the camera could catch the single tear running down Leino’s face after getting knocked on the side of the head. It’s not your fault, Ville.

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