RGIII And Adrian Peterson Have Had Biggest ‘Fall From Grace,’ According To Important Study

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Over at the Hollywood Reporter, a list of the 10 celebrities who have experienced the biggest “fall from grace” in the last two years have been compiled, and Adrian Peterson and Robert Griffin III  are carrying the torch for athletes.

It is not just a randomly put-together list, however. The publication has calculated each celeb’s “Q” scores in which how well-liked they are by the masses is rated against how intensely disliked they are.

RGIII clocks in at sixth on the list, which also includes the likes of Arianna Grande, Miley Cyrus and Bill Cosby, among others. Griffin’s unfavorable rating has increased by 10 points over the last two years, while Peterson, who is fifth, has had a 13 point increase. Unsurprisingly, Cosby ranks first with a 43-point increase in negative score.

Peterson being on there makes some sense, but RGIII? I know he’s experienced some turmoil and certainly hasn’t been the player he used to be since his injury, but that seems a little bit harsh.

Also, where the hell is Ray Rice? Is he not considered a big enough celebrity to be on this list? Because that would be the only explanation of him not appearing.

If the list had been larger than 10, I wonder what other athletes could have made the cut. You would think Rice, Hope Solo perhaps? Ndomukong Suh? Carmelo Anthony?  Brad Keselowski? There’s a lot of hateable athletes out there.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)