Peyton Manning Responds To Claims He Received HGH, Calling The Report ‘Complete Garbage’

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12.27.15 22 Comments

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Peyton Manning’s name flying out in connection to a possible doping ring involving several high profile names throughout the sports world shocked plenty when word hit late Saturday night. The allegations were shared early by The Huffington Post and come from an upcoming investigative report from Al Jazeera America titled The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers:

Manning is the marquee name in the report. Manning reportedly would get drugs, including human growth hormone, delivered to his house under his wife’s name. In an undercover video, Austin-based pharmacist Charlie Sly reportedly says: “All the time we would be sending Ashley Manning drugs. Like growth hormone, all the time, everywhere, Florida. And it would never be under Peyton’s name, it would always be under her name.”

The report will air on Sunday, but the allegations against Manning made headlines late Saturday and prompted a quick denial from the NFL star’s agent before another statement from Manning himself. According to Troy Renck with The Denver Post, Manning denied the allegations and called them “complete garbage.”

The debate on PED use is a tricky situation, but having Manning’s name involved an oddity given his high profile status with the NFL. Even when he’s not playing football, he’s always on your television screen and goes down as one of the greatest — if not the greatest — quarterback in league history. PED use is one big gray area, so we’ll keep an eye out on just how black this newest round of revelations can get.

(Via Troy Renck / The Hollywood Reporter / Deadspin)

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