There’s A Polish Joke In Here Somewhere

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.25.13 2 Comments

I can’t claim to know much about the Dutch second division, nor do I know about De Graafschap or SC Veendam. I do, however, know two important things about soccer:

1. If you are a pro soccer player and the goal is wide open, you should probably be able to get it in.

2. “Jumping at the ball like a dolphin” is not an effective way to do this.

That’s what Polish striker Piotr Parzyszek pulled about nine feet in front of the wide-ass-open goal in this clip. He’s going for a header, I guess, and instead just jumped into the air like a fish and failed. Those boos were well-deserved. At first I thought he was trying to flop off his own header, but no, it was simply shame.

I’d also like to recommend that you go back and watch this entire highlight video, because this guy’s name is super funny to me:

He’s got to be George Bluth’s favorite player.

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