The Pirates And Cubs Get The ’90s Mashup Treatment With Family Matters And Perfect Strangers

A few weeks back we featured this brilliant mashup of the San Francisco Giants and the Full House opening theme. While the Tanners were historically more of a hockey family, it was great nonetheless. Now someone has added two more mashups into the mix, and they’re somehow even better. Now, we’ve all been blessed with the Pittsburgh Pirates effort set to the theme of Family Matters above.

Yes, yes, we know that the Winslows lived in Chicago, but look, greatness is greatness. It’s pretty slim pickins when it comes to shows set in Pittsburgh, and I’m fairly sure an MLB/Queer As Folk mashup wouldn’t jive with this retro aesthetic. Besides, without fudging it a little we wouldn’t have the set up for this:

family matters pirates

Fun fact: Harriette, the matriarch of the Winslow family, played an elevator operator for the Chicago Chronicle, the fictional newspaper from the sitcom Perfect Strangers. Family Matters was actually a spinoff, and this is a convoluted segue into this amazing Chicago Cubs/Perfect Strangers video:

The gang’s all here! Larry! Balki! Anthony Rizzo! Just like when we were kids!

I’m not quite sure why these exist, but I’m pretty happy they do. And why stop here? There are only 30 teams in major league baseball, we can make this happen. Don’t you want to see an Atlanta Braves/Designing Women remix? Wouldn’t Yasiel Puig look great in one of Blossom’s floppy hats? Maybe one with a nice sunflower? Please, we beg you, someone make that happen.