That Abusive Poker Player Everyone Hates Won A Hand By Being Really Annoying

10.27.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Remember the annoying douchebag from that World Series of Poker hand you watched the other day? He rambled for like three minutes because he has some social awkwardness issues, then some Canadian dude told him to check his “privilege,” then the annoying dude was eliminated from the tournament? It was a 9-minute video about poker that, against all odds, was very satisfying.

That guy’s name is William Kassouf and as you can see in the above video from earlier in the tournament that his douchebaggery wins him a hand against a player that had a far superior hand. It’s rare to see a dealer tell a person to shut the hell up in a hand that’s down to two people, but this guy combines a nervous tick and deficient personality that even finds a way to piss off dealers, and those people deal with all sorts of abuse. I personally love it when Kassouf is genuinely frightened and nervously smiles.

While the first video wanted to make you punch him because, my man, you have pocket kings, let’s go here, this hand’s trash talk makes sense. She has a good hand but maybe he has two pair, three of a kind, a straight, so it’s understandable that she’s rattled. It’s also understandable that he’s engaging her in mind games, because his 6-9 off-suit on that board is not a nice hand.

Anyway, this guy is annoying and I hope he loses all his money playing poker.

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