The Pontiac Silverdome Is Apparently Indestructible As An Implosion Attempt Failed

The Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit has not been used since 2013. The former home of the Pistons (1978-88) and Lions (1975-2001) has remained dormant on the outskirts of Detroit for the better part of five years and, finally, on Sunday it was time for its demolition.

The Silverdome hosted tons of big events, from Super Bowls to World Cup soccer matches to concerts, but it was finally time to say goodbye to a Detroit landmark. Or, at least, that was the plan until the Silverdome decided against it.

On Sunday morning, a demolition crew attempted to implode the Silverdome with a number of controlled explosions. It’s the same kind of thing Atlanta just succeeded in doing to the Georgia Dome a few weeks back, and, at this point, it’s a process that most have down to a science. However, the Silverdome apparently is indestructible, as the numerous explosions failed to bring down the building. The video of the failed implosion is pretty incredible.

You can see the charges go off and the smoke pour out of the stadium, but there it stands. The Silverdome is apparently the most solidly constructed building in the country. If a building rejects an implosion attempt, you get one more chance and then you just have to leave it up.

At that point, it’s a natural part of the land, like a mountain, and you just deal with its presence.