A Fake Weights Conspiracy Might Be Helping Some Powerlifters Go Viral

05.26.17 11 months ago 7 Comments


Weightlifters think an Instagram-famous weightlifter is using fake weights to boost his numbers. A very strong man by the name of Bradley Castleberry is in the spotlight because some of his fellow lifters suspect he’s fudging the numbers on some of his very convincing, very heavy bench presses.

The whole thing started when a lifter named Mike O’Hearn issued a challenge to the Instagram star to hold a private competition between Castleberry and a former NFL player, Heath Evans. The reason? O’Hearn doesn’t believe Castleberry can lift the numbers he says he’s lifting.

But how would you achieve this if you’re watching him lift very heavy weights on camera? Well, Nick from the Nick’s Strength and Power channel on YouTube says he’s using fake weights, or weight plates that weigh far less than the 45 pounds they’re supposed to.

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