The Raiders Got Hammered For A Tone-Deaf Statement From Mark Davis After The Derek Chauvin Verdict

The world of sports has featured numerous reactions to Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd, being found guilty on all charges on Tuesday afternoon. In addition to players from plenty of leagues expressing their relief over a police officer being held accountable for killing a Black man, teams across sports have largely issued statements both expressing their happiness with the decision and stating that more work needs to be done.

One team decided to try and do something a little different, and as a result, they made a really poor decision. The Las Vegas Raiders eschewed a lengthy statement and instead went with the following:

As a result, the Twitterverse began a pile on, both because the tweet existed and the Raiders opted to pin it to the top of their Twitter account, seemingly not recognizing how terrible of a look it was, as many pointed out it was the same phrase used by some in the NYPD to mock the I Can’t Breathe movement after an officer killed Eric Garner.

For all the criticism the team’s social media department is getting, that last tweet might be onto something. Raiders owner Mark Davis spoke to the media about the post and laid out why it was sent, that he was sorry if it offended the family, and that it’s going to stay up.

When told of the Garner situation and how that phrase had been used to mock his killing, Davis said he had been unaware of that.

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