Randy Gregory And Oday Aboushi Exchanged Punches After The Rams Crushed The Broncos On Christmas

The Rams spent their Christmas afternoon pummeling the Broncos, as NVP Baker Mayfield, Cam Akers, and the Rams offense rolled up 51 points on Denver in what became a 37-point win in L.A., with Russell Wilson throwing three interceptions in the loss.

After the game, most players were exchanging holiday pleasantries, but Broncos edge rusher Randy Gregory and Rams guard Oday Aboushi weren’t necessarily in the Christmas spirit. The two had some words as they wandered through the sea of players exchanging jerseys and handshakes, with Gregory eventually taking a swing at Aboushi, who returned the favor.

The two would quickly be separated, although Gregory seemed to want to continue the altercation as he tried to push by people to get back to Aboushi, so nothing escalated any further, but it’s never what you want to see after a game. It’s also just a funny dichotomy to see those two trade punches while 10 feet away two players are taking their jerseys off to swap them.

Frustrations have been building all year for the Denver defense, as the dam seemed to break on Sunday after they’d done incredible work trying to keep the Broncos in games despite an anemic offense. Against the Rams, that wasn’t the case and it seems like whatever issues Gregory had with the Rams may have been exacerbated by the full season issues in Denver.