Randy Moss Was So Excited To Put His Son’s Catch Against Alabama On ESPN’s ‘Mossed’

An LSU tight end by the name of Thaddeus Moss made what may just be the catch of the year against Alabama on Saturday, helping the Tigers knock off the Tide and make one of the biggest statements of the college football season in the process.

The grab was spectacular, with Moss tip-toeing right near the pylon over the son of NFL wideout Stefon Diggs. It made for great TV, and the replay is something you’ll see the rest of the year and basically every time LSU plays Alabama until the sun explodes. What also made for great TV is the triumphant celebration Randy Moss, Thaddeus’ father, got to have on ESPN Sunday morning.

Moss was a legendary receiver in his own right, which is why he gets to declare when modern-day defenses are getting “Mossed” by wideouts. But when your own son makes a catch that great in the biggest college football game of the season, you’re absolutely allowed to dance and celebrate on live television.

On Sunday, Randy Moss got to declare that his own son Mossed Bama and he savored every second of it.


Moss did admit, however, that he wasn’t entirely sure the catch was going to count at first, as Thad stepped out of bounds before making the grab.

“Hey son, I don’t know all the rules in college football,” Moss said, his voice rising. “You had your daddy wondering right here. Is he in or out?”

With that out of the way, and the video fresh in everyone’s minds, Moss approached the camera and shouted the good news.

“I’mma tell you what, Alabama? Everyone in the stadium?” Moss said. “You got Mossed! Way to go baby!”

Moss celebrated with Teddy Bruschi and looked overjoyed. At one point he simply wouldn’t stop dancing, and who can blame him. One of the joys of fatherhood is watching a human being grow up and come into their own. But it always helps if they remind you of yourself in some very good ways.