Randy Orton Will Go To The Divorce Papers If He Has To

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07.10.13 32 Comments

Randy Orton divorce

Sad news out of the world of wrestling today, as universally-beloved (cough) WWE Superstar Randy Orton and his wife Samantha Speno have gotten divorced. This is the second high profile WWE divorce in as many years, as WWE Champion John Cena went through a nasty divorce in the spring of 2012.

TMZ broke the story today, handling it with all the grace and random capitalization you’d expect.

This came out of nowhere


… mega-rich WWE star Randy Orton HAS GOTTEN DIVORCED

Samantha filed for divorce in March, claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” At no point did she mention Intermittent (or Intermediate) Explosive Disorder. They were married back in 2007 and separated in 2012. TMZ included a pretty ridiculous account of who gets what in the divorce, including announcing Orton’s annual paycheck, the price of Samantha’s rings and a namedrop of Orton’s gun collection. I don’t know how many guns constitute a collection, but we know how much ammo he had. 12 rounds, am I right

According to the document, Randy gets his 2012 Range Rover, his 2011 Bentley, and his 2009 Harley Davidson. Samantha gets her 2013 Infiniti.Randy also gets a bunch of six-figure bank accounts, his gun collection, his jewelry, and one house … plus 100% of all rights, title, and interest in his WWE contract (which is worth a ton of money).

According to the docs, Randy rakes in $291,666 per month in salary. Meanwhile, Samantha gets a bank account worth $654,317 … not bad … as well as her jewelry (including her $99,000 engagement ring and wedding ring).

I’m surprised the divorce report didn’t mention Orton’s polygamy. If you watch wrestling, you may remember that every time we’ve seen Randy Orton’s wife on television, she’s been played by a different woman. Here’s a rundown of the three (!) we’ve seen so far. Try to pick out the real one!

Wife #1:


Wife #2:


At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, 2008.

Wife #3:


Wife #4 will be played by Rosa Mendes in an Affliction t-shirt.

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