Ice Cross Downhill Is A Completely Insane And Totally Legitimate Winter Sport

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – In the distance the cathedral is lit for the world to see. Its serenity is a guiding hand for those who flock to the hill, offering peace and community to anyone willing to walk through its doors. This weekend though, hundreds of feet down an ice track with close to 100,000 people packed around it, there’s a slight moment of violence.

Two Austrian brothers – the Dallagos – faced off between the Croxalls, a pair of Canadian brothers, in a heat to determine who would move onto the finals of Red Bull Crashed Ice in the second to last race of the sport’s championship series. Both Dallagos came down the hill in first and second, Scott Croxall right behind with his middle finger extended to the sky. Not long after an argument started between Croxall, a fire fighter, and Luca Dallago.

Croxall, a hockey player, running a race in hockey-loving Minnesota, while wearing hockey equipment, wasn’t letting up. He’s been in his share of scraps before, and he was incredulous. He continued to bark at Dallago and eventually shoving ensued. With all four athletes a moment away from a Romeo And Juliet style family brawl, everyone let up, and a pin went into the tension balloon before everything popped. Dallago was disqualified for illegal contact down the hill, and Croxall’s brother Kyle moved into the finals to take on Luca’s brother Marco.

“This has never happened before,” Charlie Wasley tells me. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

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