This Hero’s Outfit Is More Incredible Than The Fact That He Proposed On A Football Field

When two people in a relationship are big fans of a team, there’s no better place to propose than at a home game. Well, at least you’d think that’s the best place to propose, especially if they came together over a mutual love of said team.

Two fans of the Washington Redskins did just that, getting hitched on the 10-yard line at FedExField. That’s great! We just want to take a moment to discuss the outfit worn by the guy who got down on one knee. Before I start, I want to clarify that I have the fashion sense of a middle schooler, but this dude’s get up is something else.

So yeah, going from top to bottom, homie is wearing a camo hat, a black ‘Skins No. 21 jersey (we assume that it’s a Sean Taylor) with American flag numbers, jorts, and sandals with Redskins socks. Dude wore jorts for the best moment of his life. This is not ok unless you’re John Cena, and best that I can tell, John Cena is not a Redskins fan (nor has Nikki Bella tweeted anything about getting engaged, so we think it’s fair to assume this is not John Cena).

However, credit must be given where it is due. While he’s dressed like he’s going to a bar to watch the game, at least he didn’t do the whole “propose on the jumbotron in front of a crowded stadium” thing, which is commendable.