Watch This Referee Somehow Outrun A Player Going In For A Touchdown

It’s not that uncommon for a former athlete, be it pro, collegiate, or even high school to turn to officiating after they are no longer able to play. After all, you get to stay involved in the world of sports, and if you’re good at it, it can give you some good extra cash on the side.

But while many former athletes do eventually become referees, very few are still in playing shape by the time they put on the striped shirt. A large exception to that would be this referee at a high school football game, who not once, but twice manages to outrun players, who are rushing down the field at full speed. Not only do these players appear to be skilled position players and not, like, an offensive lineman, but they are in peak physical condition, and still, this official is not only catching them, but passing them.

It may be a little difficult to actually see if a player steps out of bounds, or if there is a penalty when you’re moving at that speed, but still, that’s insanely impressive.

I don’t know what this ref’s schedule is like on Sundays, but the Jets could use a new kick returner.

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