Please Stop And Check Out Regis Philbin Spit Hot Fire On The Mic While Ice Cube Surveys His Career

Crowd Goes Wild is the Fox Sports 1 juggernaut that lured television legend Regis Philbin out of his Odinsleep for another stroll through the ratings jungle. This video proves to me that it was a fine idea because not only do we get to see Regis laying rhymes down like a stone mason, but we also get to see Ice Cube counting money in his head.

It is strange to see a man who once struck fear into suburban white guys everywhere share the stage and play trivia games with someone who was once in a group with Dr. Dre. You read that right, Regis Philbin used to be a monster. Not to mention he did the same with the Wu Tang Clan a few months back. Prove me wrong!

There’s also this jewel of an image from Regis’ Twitter account:

“#RegisWithAttitude” is probably one of the more unsettling things I could picture in the world. I can’t imagine this guy screaming up at me from his tippy toes with anger in his heart. It’d be too much. Switch to decaf, Reg.

(Via Fox Sports, Image via Regis Philbin)