Remember That Painting Of Larry Bird And Skeletor? Now It Can Be Yours, Sort Of

Back in October, we shared with you a delightful painting of NBA legend Larry Bird having a milkshake with Skeletor, the bad guy from ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.’ We couldn’t figure out why it existed. We still can’t, but we’ve got some good news: now the painting can be yours. Sort of.

Turns out artist Jake Fyfe is responsible for the masterpiece, and he’s whipped up a screen-printed version available for sale on his website. It lacks the cruder grace of the original, but it’s still wonderful, and still belongs in your home. Here’s the new version:

As an added bonus, Fyfe has one additional print available for sale, and it is RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. Want a painting with the same “what the f**k is happening” gloriousness of Bird and Skeletor? Feast your eyes on THERE’S ALWAYS PRO WRESTLERS AT THE BANANA STAND, wherein Macho Man Randy Savage works at The Big Yellow Joint and sells frozen bananas to Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. YEP.

I’m going to buy both of these, and they’re going to be the only things in my house.

[via Jason Fyfe]