Rex Ryan Proclaiming Himself A ‘Toe Expert’ Made Ryan Clark Walk Off The ‘Get Up’ Set

Rex Ryan’s, uh, appreciation of feet has long been a running joke among NFL fans, and on Monday, the former coach turned ESPN analyst decided to steer into the skid with an incredibly well-timed joke that had Dan Orlovsky, Mike Greenberg, and Ryan Clark rolling.

After the Packers’ beatdown of the Bears on Sunday Night Football, there was plenty of discussion of Rodgers’ fractured toe, which he said could require surgery if it got stepped on and worsened. Ryan was asked about the level of concern he’d have about Rodgers’ toe if he were the Packers, and he proclaimed himself a “toe expert,” insisting Rodgers’ toe is just fine given how well he’s playing, causing Orlovsky and Greeny to struggle to stifle their laughter, while Clark straight up walked off the set.

I like to believe Ryan has been waiting years to get a chance to make this joke about being a foot/toe expert and when Greeny teed him up, he absolutely smashed it out of the park. Clark’s reaction is sensational, as he simply couldn’t sit through that, and returns to the desk with a quip of his own that he doesn’t know how he can put his “best foot forward” sitting next to Rex.