RG3 Has Been Benched For Colt McCoy And He’s Likely Done In Washington

Have we seen the last of Robert Griffin III in Washington? It would appear that way after the quarterback was benched AGAIN, this time for Colt McCoy. The Redskins insist that Griffin is still part of the team’s long-term plans but yeah, we all know that’s hogwash.

Yet right now, the Redskins are hitting the reset button, although it might not last long, a source cautioned, as Washington has high hopes for the coming offseason.

For the first time since the Redskins surrendered three first-round picks and one second-round pick for the right to draft Griffin in 2012, they will have their full allotment of picks in addition to room under the salary cap. Behind owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen, the team will be positioned to strike this offseason, spend big-time dollars and improve its roster.

Adam Schefter goes on to reiterate that Jay Gruden was brought to Washington because of his work with quarterbacks. Oops! Since mid-November of 2013 RG3 has been nothing short of disappointing with injuries and inconsistent play. In limited time this season, he has more interceptions than touchdowns and a QB rating of 85.7. He’s clearly regressed and his inability to stay in the pocket is concerning.

So that being said, we should probably start the RG3 to Jets rumor now—or do we wait until after Thanksgiving?