That Green Rio Olympic Diving Pool Now Apparently Smells Like Farts

Rio diving pool
Getty Image

Farts are like jokes on Twitter — everyone enjoys their own more than those of others.

So when the diving pool at the Rio Olympics turned green and then started to smell, people noticed and they were not happy. The odor was such a problem that the pool had to be closed, as it was like a giant invisible turd was suffocating the athletes.

The pool has been the color of wet farts for days and there seems to be no solution to this problem. This should come as a surprise to no one, as all these lean, muscular people are probably eating way too much protein to maintain their builds. And what happens when a body full of protein has a nervous stomach? Pool farts, that’s what.

There is a springboard event scheduled for this pool on Friday morning. A spokesman promised on Wednesday that the pool would be blue again immediately, but it’s been two days and nothing has changed. You could say that spokesman was blowing his own form of hot air.

If anything else leaks out around this pool story, we will let you know.