Rob Dyrdek Set A New World Record For Jumping A Car In Reverse

02.20.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

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Last weekend, MTV’s popular reality show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory hosted its wrap party, as the doors were forever closed on the former pro skateboarder’s smartest series. Naturally, Dyrdek’s show won’t end without plenty of ambitious ideas, but the one that might be one of his biggest in years was a Guinness Book of World Records car jump attempt. Unlike any of his previous car stunts, though, Dyrdek did this one while driving backwards, and when the smoke cleared, he had set his latest world record for the longest car jump in reverse at 27 meters (or 29 yards to us normal people in America, Liberia and Myanmar who don’t use the metric system).

In order for the folks from Guinness to verify that Dyrdek was a new record holder, he not only had to land the jump, but he had to be able to drive away after it as well. Basically, he couldn’t turn his modified Chevy Sonic into a fireball of metal scraps, get out and shout, “I did it!” Although, that would have been pretty cool, too. The finale of Fantasy Factory airs in March on MTV.

Dyrdek has actually held a ton of world records in his life, some of which have since been broken, but the list is still impressive as hell:

Most consecutive ollies on a halfpipe: 46
Most ollie big spins in one minute: 12
Most consecutive nollie kickflips: 73
Most 360-degree kickflips in one minute: 12
Most heel flips in one minute: 15
Most consecutive ollies: 21
Most nollie kickflips in one minute: 22
Longest stationary manual: 49 seconds
Most switch frontside kickflips in one minute: 9
Longest 50-50 rail grind: 100 feet, 5.75 inches
Longest board slide: 100 feet, 5.75 inches
Highest skateboard ramp jump into water: 10 feet, 8 inches
Most frontside ollies in one minute: 32
Most 720 kickflips in one minute: 7
Most heel-flip shove-its in one minute: 10
Most skateboard backside varial kickflips in one minute: 14
Most skateboard backside back-foot ollie-impossibles in one minute: 15
Most switch stance kickflips in one minute: 17
Most fakie heel-flips in one minute: 11
Most consecutive frontside ollies in one minute: 32
Largest skateboard
Longest skateboard

And there might be more than I’ve listed here, but it’s hard to keep track of that kind of awesomeness, even if I don’t understand most of those words.

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