All The Ridiculous Things The Gronkowski Family Did On ‘Family Feud’

The wildly entertaining family of Rob Gronkowski made their much anticipated debut on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday night. They were matched up against the Holly Robinson Peete family (it’s important to note that Holly was considered the head celeb; poor Rodney Peete).

Anyway, the Gronkowskis were, for lack of a better term, very Gronkowski; dancing and saying (and doing) alpha-male stuff. It’s likely why they were invited to Family Feud in the first place. And Steve Harvey? Man, he loved every minute of it, flashing his patented “WTF” face (see above) after every mind-boggling Gronk answer.

Here are all the ridiculous things that happened during their appearance.

Of course, they talked about #DeflateGate. Of course.

It wouldn’t be a Gronk family affair without a deez nuts reference…

… or Gronk twerking.

And, yes, they bro’d out.

The Gronks know all about bears…

… and getting drunk and hooking up with… your sister?

Sadly, as you can probably imagine, the Gronks didn’t perform all that well, scoring 39 points in a loss to the Peete family. America was spared (or shorted, depending on your viewpoint) an epic Fast Money round.