Rob Gronkowski Knows How To Use Twitter

10.25.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

Or perhaps that title should read: “Rob Gronkowski knows how to spend a bye week.” Either way, if you’re not familiar with the New England Patriots’ tight end’s Twitter account, let me give you a super brief synopsis – he likes to hit on hot girls. For example, Gronk has famously tried to spark a blood rivalry with me by hitting on Kate Upton via the Tweets. He also hit on Rihanna, but she just spent $2,000 in a sex shop, and quite frankly I imagine it’s like throwing a Tic Tac into the Holland Tunnel.
Lately, though, Gronk has a new Tweety lady in adult film star Bibi Jones, whom he paid a visit to over the weekend, leading to her posting the above photo. She also posted a photo of her with Gronk shirtless (after the jump) which leads to my math problem of the day:

(Horny NFL star – shirt) + (porn actress – shorts) x (porn actress wearing NFL star’s jersey + any man’s fantasy of a girl wearing only a jersey)^2 = They did it

Alas, Ms. Jones says that my math is faulty.

“I had a good time, and he was such a gentleman,” the Beeb told 98.5 the Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich yesterday after they rang her up to discuss the saucy snaps of her and the tight end that the X-rated actress posted for her 101,000-plus Twitter followers on Saturday. “Maybe something will happen in the future … but I’m not going to throw myself on someone.”
(Via the Boston Herald)

I didn’t link to Bibi’s Twitter account, but you’re smart and you can find it yourself, and she has plenty of adult actress pictures posted for your enjoyment. But if you need the SFW variety to get an idea of who she is, Papa Burnsy has your fix.
(A hat tip to Boston Bar Stool and Bibi’s adult film label, Digital Playground.)

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