The Rockies And Padres Gave Us Our First All-Out Baseball Brawl Of The 2018 Season

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The Major League Baseball season officially started on Wednesday afternoon when hardball’s unwritten code was officially broken and benches cleared in Denver, giving us our first brawl of the season.

The year’s opening games have found excitement in other areas, but the first charging of the mound in many ways signals the true arrival of spring. And Wednesday’s brawl was the result of San Diego Padres starter Luis Perdomo throwing the first pitch of the bottom of the third inning behind Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado.

Arenado was furious and immediately charged the mound. That’s when Perdomo threw his second pitch of the inning: his glove, which sailed past Arenado as he leapt in the air.

Arenado then answered with a punch to the face as the benches cleared. The subsequent chaos was pretty wild, though the throw and punch to start it were the highlights of this fight.

Actually, there was a lot to take in here. The video is probably worth a few views to catch it all.

The aftermath of the fight was a bit calmer than the initial burst, but the crowd was clearly loving the spike in adrenaline.

It’s been a snowy start to the MLB season in many cities, and Denver is no exception. It’s good to see the blood flowing a bit out there. Also, props to the joke of the day here.

It’s really good to have baseball back.