Roger Goodell Says He Hasn’t Considered Resigning At All, Not One Bit, Not For A Second

Here is everything wrong with Roger Goodell in one clip from today’s press conference. If you ever doubted for a second that he’s a stubborn, arrogant prick with his head shoulder deep up his own ass, here’s all the evidence you need: when asked today if he has considered resigning, to hold himself to the same standard he holds to others, he was

“I have not. I’m focused on doing my job, and doing the best of my ability,” he said without a hint of remorse. “I understand when people are critical of your performance, but we have a lot of work to do. That’s my focus…I’m proud of the opportunity that we have to try to make a difference here, and do the right thing. We have acknowledged that we need to change what we’re doing.”

So in Roger Goodell world, if you acknowledge a mistake you’re just able to move on from it without consequences. Okay, got it!

And below is the full presser in all of it’s infuriating glory. And here’s the “transcript.”