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Last October, we got the specifics of the 550-foot, $400 million yacht that Chelsea owner/Russian billionaire/likely Bond villain Roman Abramovich was building: it would be the largest yacht in the world, and it would be equipped with missile defense radar, miniature escape submarine, private security force, two helipads, and a disco.  Now that it’s actually built and in the water, the total cost reached a little over $500 million.  But it’s, um, tax deductible?

The son of Jewish parents, Abramovich began his business career selling plastic ducks from a grim Moscow apartment but, within a few years, his vast wealth spread from oil conglomerates to pig farms.

Russia’s richest man has flourished under president Vladimir Putin, with critics saying he used his government ties to take over former state-owned assets and reap the profits for personal use…

Abramovich reportedly lost up to £13billion in the global financial crisis, but he was already in the process of having his biggest-ever yacht built.

Somehow I don’t think Abramovich was sweating defaulting payment on the world’s largest yacht.  Oh,  he has the payment.  Yes, he has the payment right here in this briefcase.  Can you just show him how the death ray he asked for works?  He wants to make sure it’s operational before he pays in full.

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