Watch This Royals Fan Give Us A Lesson In How Not To Rush The Field

The act of running onto the field at a baseball game is one of those things that many drunken fans have thought about a time or two. Thankfully, the “thinking of it” stage is usually as far as it ever goes since the risk-reward is simply not worth it. Sure, your friends who are attending the game with you might get a good laugh for a moment, but are those few laughs really worth spending the night in a holding cell while you await trespassing charges? No, of course not.

But if you’ve ever found yourself in such a state of inebriation that it convinces you to hop over that railing and onto the field, might I suggest you give it a little more effort than the Royals fan in the video above?

What could the thought process have possibly been leading up to that?

“Here, hold my keys. And my cigarettes. And my sunglasses. Oh, and my shirt. I have to do this shirtless for some reason.”
“How far do you think you’ll make it?”
“Well I’m already a bit out of breath, so … 15 feet or so?”
“This plan may be dumb.”
“No turning back now, see you on the other side!”

If you’re going to go to jail for something premeditated and stupid, maybe put a little effort into it. That’s a good life lesson, actually. Write that down.

[via The Big Lead]