Ryan Fitzpatrick Put On DeSean Jackson’s Clothes And Looked Like Conor McGregor


Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best quarterback in the NFL. The year, somehow, is 2018 and that sentence is somehow true (although, Patrick Mahomes has a very good argument).

But the wildest thing that happened for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is when he showed up to the postgame press conference with a brand new look. Well, the look of another player altogether.

Fitzpatrick threw four more touchdowns and had 402 yards passing on Sunday in a 27-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, who won the Super Bowl in February of this year. Fitzpatrick celebrated the upset win by stealing DeSean Jackson’s clothes and wearing them to his postgame talk with the media. It was, in a word, hilarious.

People were a bit flummoxed by the look at first, but some eagle-eyed reporters figured out what happened, as Jackson watched the press conference shirtless.

“I got like two more because DJ needs his stuff back,” Fitzpatrick said as the press laughed.

With the hair, beard and glasses the dude straight up looks like Conor McGregor. It’s uncanny.

The McGregor comparison was made by many, but perhaps not as well-executed as this.

It somehow wasn’t the most ridiculous press conference of the day, as Fitzpatrick did not reveal that a player literally quit playing football at the half. But it was a much more fun outcome. Football can be fun sometimes. Throwing four touchdowns a game certainly helps.